Learning Something New

How do you do something you’ve never done before?

That’s the big question before all of us when we’re dealing with changes that challenge us in how we’re used to living, whether we are talking about how we work or how we make community or how we live faithfully.

The Congregations and Beyond conversation started last night and the first order of business had to be in working through how we would be together. Why? Because we are a diverse group of people who do not share the same cultural assumptions about how to work together, how to learn, how to share.

One of the things technology brings us is the ability to weave real time learning communities across big differences. There are emerging and established cultures about how those communities work. Those cultural differences are often rooted in different assumptions about, for example, participation and sharing than we may have for how to participate in other cultural settings.

Working with cultural differences and not just demanding we adopt a particular culture is part of the creative faithing and learning something new ahead for Unitarian Universalists. We can build on past learning experiences. We can stay connected not only to one another but to the transforming power of love. This is diversity work, learning how to faithfully live into the abundant blessings of life and to add to those abundant blessings.

So when I meet a place I don’t understand (which is often), I have a chance to learn something new, to risk faithfully, to fail sometimes, to learn from those failures. If we do not risk faithful failure we are not risking faithful success.