5 Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion (for children) (revised)

I revised these to address the translation of Adams’ fourth stone, which is very much part of the Unitarian tradition. I’ve incorporated historic Universalist teaching into the fourth stone.

I appreciate James Luther Adams’ complex and rewarding essay on the five smooth stones of liberal religion. I translated it into a simplified form for use in adult programming, but then that still didn’t pass the five-year-old-test.

I’d like us to be able to use the five smooth stones in our classrooms and at home, as part of living this Unitarian Universalist faith. Adams was thinking about the tradition of five stones David needed to slay Goliath - mythologically, bringing down our own towering monsters of (1) ignorance, (2) individualism, (3) selfishness, (4) apathy and (5) cynicism.

1. We’re always learning.

2. Being together matters.

3. How we are together matters.

4. We  do good to be good & feel good.

5. We always hope.

With these stones we build cities of refuge, houses of love, and gardens of peace

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